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WJP Media creates 'Full-Stack' websites and 'SPA' - single page web applications, which allow content to be added and updated easily online. WJP Media has many years of 'Full-Stack' experience of integrating the latest internet technologies such as Anglualr, React, Webpack, SASS,HTML5, .NET and  Umbraco.

A Single Page Application (SPA) is a web site/application where only one page is delivered to the browser. Instead of the 'web-server' delivering a new 'web-page' each time the browser make a request, an SPA (Single page application) dynamically changes its content 'client-side' (in the browser) thanks to a set of code libraries based upon the evolution of Javascript.

Umbraco is an open source, easy to use CMS. Umbraco is one of the few 'open source' content management systems based on Microsoft's .NET technology. It has the ability to operate small websites, through to major corporate internet applications and media sites. This mainstream CMS systems is being used by tens of thousands of businesses across the globe to create vast online functionality. Combined with web media and social networking skills WJPMedia websites are powerful and flexible marketing tools.

For those wanting bespoke advanced web applications, WJPMedia can develop custom single page applications using Angular or React, as well as web applications which integrate seamlessly with the Umbraco CSM system.

Warren James Palmer, the founder of WJP Media,  has been a web developer since 1997. He has worked for many clients, including Harrods, EMC Saatchi, NatWest, ABN Amro and Societe Generale. He specialises in creating single page applications and web sites using the 'content management system' software (CMS) - Umbraco.

WJP was involved in commercial and advertising photography in the 1980's and involved in web development since 1996. That's pretty nearly the dawn of the Internet.

As an early user of graphic programmes like 'Quark Express' and the classic 'Photoshop', it was a fairly natural progression to evolve into web development when the Internet first emerged.

Before he knew it, WJP was swept up in the Internet revolution and developing web applications, e-commerce, and dynamic web sites for numerous companies. Many of them household names...Nat West,Emc Saatchi,Societe Generale etc.


Warren Palmer, CEO, WJP Media

WJPMedia is not a big company. Depending on the project Warren works individually with the client. The aim is to be flexible, scaleable and affordable. A bit like the creative products WJPMedia creates.

Warren has never lost sight of where he came from and he's proud of the fact that WJPMedia's roots are creative rather than IT based.


Contact Details

UK:  +44 1264 848 056
France:  +33 230 88 02 10
Mobile:  +44 785 372 513

Email: email: warren@wjpmedia.com

9 Mylen Business Centre,
Mylen Road,
SP10 3HR

22570 France

WJPMedia - Full-Stack, UK & France

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