Umbraco goes 'Headless'

In December, Umbraco announced a 'Headless' version of Umbraco, called 'Umbraco Heartcore'.

What is a 'headless' CMS I hear you cry! Is it what happens to developers who get it wrong? Off with their heads? Well, there may be many a project manager who would like to lob off a few heads..... However, in this instance 'headless' refers to the output from the Umbraco CMS being purely in 'Restful API' format, rather than as a set of traditional web pages.

Umbraco Heartcore comes with a managed API. This means that the content, media etc. are automatically exposed via a REST API. Because it outputs the content as RESTful API, Umbraco Heartcore can deliver  content to any form of application that can read a RESTful API. This might be mobile apps, tablets, smartwatches, smart speakers, fridges.... take your pick.

So, in short, the Umbraco admin area (where your content is created) is much the same as before. If you've used Umbraco before, you'll feel right at home. The 'output' of all your content however is different, it comes in a form that mutiple devices can read and understand.  Neat huh?

Unlike the standard Umbaco CMS, there is a monthly cost to use Umbraco Heartcore. It is based in the Umbraco 'cloud' and offered for a similiar price.


For more information go here:


And here is a 'headless' photograph..... lol...

Umbraco goes 'Headless'

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