Fees - Contract or 'Pay as you go ....'

'Pay as you go', or 'Contract'?  You choose.....

 £39 per hour - no contract. Just 'get on with it' Umbraco development.

Or a pre arranged contract for a defined project.

The choice is yours.....

If you are a digital agency looking for help with completing a project, then 'Pay as you go' is an ideal resourcing solution.

If you have a complete Umbraco project (e.g a new website or an upgrade to Umbraco), then the security of a 'contract', may be the solution for you.

Package deal...

If you are looking for a cost-effective package, then WJP Media can offer a complete Umbraco solution, with a new design (adapted from a range of design templates) - from £7,000.



Get in touch and let us know your requirements, so that we can advise!


Contact Details

UK:  +44 1264 848 056

Mobile:  +44 785 372 513

Email: email: warren@wjpmedia.com

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