Content & dev - the complete package

Outsource all your web requirements - content and development!

Allow a seasoned professional to both create your content and develop your web presence

Recently, I have been asked to not only develop CMS websites, but to create the content as well. In fact, creating both the web content, and carrying out the required web development - is becoming the norm. Clients are increasingly handing over all their web reqirements and trusting me to get on with what's required.

Of course, clients like to add their input and check the work before it goes 'live' on the internet, this goes without saying...but it is a practical and time-saving solution for both parties.

It is far easier to develop a website when you know what content is required and how it should be presented. And it is far easier to create the workflow for a web application, when you know how the application interacts with the rest of the site content.

Content and development - one package

Given my background is in design and photography (plus the odd novel or two...), it feels natural to combine the work of content creaction and web application coding. It is a far simpler workflow for everyone!

Web application development.

So, if you would like to discuss how I might help with both content creation and application development, please don't hesitate to ask!


Contact Details

UK:  +44 1264 848 056

Mobile:  +44 785 372 513


9 Mylen Business Centre,
Mylen Road,
Hampshire SP10 3HR


France:  +33 230 88 02 10

Mobile:  +44 7780 2201 12


22570 France

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