Umbraco 9 built on .NET Core

Umbraco 9, built upon .Net Core

The latest version of Umbraco is now available.

Available since September 2021, Umbraco 9, has been built using ASP.NET Core (.NET 5).  However,  Umbraco 9 ships with the exact same features and workflows as Umbraco 8. So, if you have used Umbraco 8 to create content, or construct a site, then you will be at home with the Umbraco 9 backend. The changes in Umbraco 9 are under the bonnet.

Umbraco 9 is an update to the CMS’  core technology.  Now it runs entirely upon Microsoft’s .NET 5 and ASP.NET Core. Developers are able to take full advantage of all the improvements and performance enhancements provided by Microsoft ASP.NET Core. These include new technologies like Razor TagHelpers, Microsoft Dependency Injection and View Components.

Now that Umbraco is built on ASP.NET Core, projects compile-build much faster. Umbraco sites also initially fire-up much faster.


Umbraco 9


Compatible with macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows

Previous version of Umbraco were only avilable for Windows. However, Umbraco 9 is cross-platform compatible with not just the Microsoft Windows platform, but with all platforms that work with .NET such as macOS and Linux.

Umbraco 8 projects can be migrated to Umbraco 9

Unlike the changes from Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 8, it is possible to migrate existing Umbraco 8 projects to Umbraco 9. Further, your Umbraco 8 content should also work, because there are very few database changes in Umbraco 9.


Should I update my website to Ubraco 9?

If you are running a high traffic volume website, then it may well be worth migrating to Umbraco 9, so as to benefit from the speed improvement offered by the .Net Core build. If your site is more of a 'brochure' site, with limited traffic, then it may be better to wait until your are ready for your next site redesign and rebuild.




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