Umbraco development for the UK and France

Umbraco the friendly CMS

WJP Media creates Umbraco websites and web applications which allow content to be added and updated easily online. This is the beauty of the Umbraco content management system.

Umbraco is an open source, easy to use CMS. Umbraco is one of the few 'open source' content management systems based on Microsoft's .NET technology. It has the ability to operate small websites, through to major corporate internet applications and media sites. With a simple user interface, website editors can easily update, create and move pages on their website, via the web-based editing interface.

Because of its great flexibility, Umbraco is very popular with web developers, who are able to integrate the latest internet technologies easily and rapidly.

WJP Media has many years of experience of integrating the latest internet technologies into Umbraco. Having worked on projects for major companies likes Harrod, Wonderbra and Direct Line Insuarance, there is very little that you can imagine, that we haven't done before.

WJP Media has the simplest of fee arrangements, from £37 per hour - no contract. Just 'get on with it' Umbraco development. It doesn't get simpler than that!  This is ideal if you have a short-term Umbraco resourcing problem and is very popular with digital agencies.

If you wish a more structured arrangement the a pre arranged contract for a defined project, maybe more suitable.

Whatever your Umbraco requirement is, WJPMedia is your 'first-stop' for dedicated development.


Website content that is easy to modify and update!

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