Full Stack Development

'Full stack development' has become a popular phrase in the past couple of years. But, what does it mean?
Well, basically it refers to a developer (or developers), who are just as comfortable working with a database or core code, as they are with CSS and web page design. 'Full-Stack' means, 'developing the entire thing'...
By it's nature, you have to be a 'Full Stack Developer' to get the most out of Umbraco. It takes a certain mindset and a lot of skill, to get the two ends (the ends being the core code, and the web design) to meet seamlessly in the middle.  Umbraco aids this process, but it's still necessary to have a wide skillset to get the most out of the CMS.
Umbraco consists of web 'templates' (front-end) which connect to 'docTypes' (think data-fields) and has functionality added via 'views' and 'surface controllers' (core code). So, as you can see, being a 'Full-Stack' developer goes with the territory.
It's normal to work with a front-end designer on Umbraco projects. Especially, when working with digital agencies, who want to see their client-approved designs, turned into workable Umbraco solutions. But, even in these circumstances, it's necesary to be a 'Full stack developer' as once again, you have to make the front-end design work with the data and core code, which will make Umbraco function.
Increasingly, clients want a 'complete' solution, including 'front-end' design. I've found that a good solution in this scenario, is to purchase a set of html templates, which have been predesigned.  'Webflow' are a good source for these front-end designs.

Webflow business templates


So, if the question is....'Do you offer full-stack development?', then the answer is a definite 'Yes'!

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