Wot is AngularJS?

HTML is good for delivering 'static content'. In other words text and a few images...

What it is not good at is delivering funky interactive content.....

In the past, functionality would be added to web page, using Javascript, or JQuery or Flash.

This is all changing as more and more websites use the power of 'AngularJS'.

So what exactly is AngularJS?

Well, it is a powerful implementation of Javascript which integrates with HTML via a set of custom tags, to give a high level of 'client-side' interaction. It makes your web pages funky!  And, by adding connections to your beck-end data, via JSON, it can reduce the need for a lot of server-side functionality.

A lot of the 'interactive' functionality you see on new websites is being created by AngularJS and  WJPMedia is happy to build this 'funky' functionality into your website!

Below is a really simple AngularJS example. Try changing the textbox content.



Simple AngularJS Example

First Name:
Last Name:

Full Name: {{fullName()}}

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